Flynn's Welding
& Machine Shop

Panoramic view of our shop

Machine Shop

At Flynn's Welding & Machine Shop, we use the latest CNC technology to ensure quality and precision. With our extensive repertoire of equipment, we are fully capable of fulfilling all your machining needs, from simple to complex.

Our milling and lathe turning capabilities include:

  • CNC turning up to 6" through spindle w/ live tooling
  • CAT 50 taper mills w/ through spindle coolant
  • 4 CNC mills + 4 CNC lathes
  • Manual turning up to 32" diameter x 16' long

For more information about our machining capabilities, please contact us:

6850 State Highway 32, Orland, CA 95963-9788

Phone: (530) 865-2331   Fax: (530) 865-8521