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Brush Cage

Brush Cages

Description: Our brush cages are designed to increase worker safety and decrease worker comp claims. They also help to decrease crop loss due to stripping on rollbar, and minimize tree damage by lifting branches over the tractor. All our brush cages are custom made to fit your tractor.

Brush Rake

Brush Rakes

Description: ​Tube frame brush rake for orchard applications. The back is made from a solid sheet and the frame is designed to take mounts from any loader or 3 point without modifications. Heavy duty skids make it easier to reposition the rake at the right angle. Will work well with any tractor from 30hp to over 100hp.

Orchard Float

Orchard Floats

Description: Works well for smoothing soft dirt or gravel. Great for orchards, vineyards, repairing roads, equipment yards and horse arenas.

Brochure - Standard Orchard Float
Brochure - Heavy Duty Orchard Float
V-Blade Orchard Float

V-Blade Orchard Floats

Description: The “V” blade orchard float is designed to remove high spots from the middle of the orchard floor left by harvest machinery.

Asphalt Float

Asphalt Floats

Description: This float is designed for construction and asphalt paving. It is the best to be used on hard ground. We make both standard asphalt floats and ripper floats for heavy duty tasks.

Duck Blind

Duck Blinds

Description: ​Our duck blinds are built to be sturdy and long lasting. They are coated with coal tar epoxy inside and out and come with lockable lids and shell trays. There are full length shelves on both sides and hooks for coats and backpacks. Bottom brackets for anti-­floatation boards that don’t stick out to allow the bottom to be firmly seated and remain solid. All seams are welded on both sides.


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